Friday, September 25, 2009

pin-up of the week

Aria Giovanni

So we met this one. Twice actually. The first time she was at an in-store with Dita Von Teese. Dita Von Teese made much more of an impression on me, even though it was Ms. Giovanni that I went to see. She just came off as really relaxed and friendly. Some dude took a Polaroid of all of us together, and they signed a couple of pictures for me. And I have an Andrew Blake DVD signed by Aria Giovanni. I thanked them, said it was nice to have met them, adding that I didn't have anything else too memorable to say. Ms. Von Teese laughed at that, saying they meet a lot of people, and that memorable was not usually a good thing.

The second time she was at an in-store by herself. I went with a friend of mine who was too uptight to stand in the line and talk to her for a minute. I told her I thought she was great, and I meant it, but she didn't seem to think that was much of a compliment. Then I asked her if she could show her tits in the picture with me. She told me no, she would not. She was not a porn star, after all. Okay...

Anyway, I found some pictures of Aria Giovanni I had saved some time ago, so I'd like to share with you a set of pictures I found in a folder that I had labeled "Aria Giovanni - Bath Photo Set."



Frank Costello said...

Noddy, you have a keen eye for beauty!


Aria is one of my Fav's

Anonymous said...

one of my favs as well, just below jenna haze

"just below", get it?

wasn't aria one of the first truly exotic-looking porn superstars? that's her claim to fame, or one of them, anyway

Noddy Blue said...

Ah, I'm glad every enjoys Aria Giovanni as much as I do. It was a hassle to post all those pictures all at once. No wonder I don't do that more often. She's not that exotic in person. She's just a girl. But Jenna Haze, I met her too. She's got a lot more personality, but ditzier. I met her at an in-store with Cindy Crawford, who I love.