Wednesday, October 14, 2009

testing... that open a new tab.

Another picture of this girl available as vulva #17.


Sheen V said...

It works!! How'd you do it?

Noddy Blue said...

All you have to do is add this tag:


in the part of the html that makes the picture (or link) a link. (I can't type it out more clearly here, it confuses blogger apparently. Let me know if you want a better explanation.)

I think it makes it easier to view pictures; I'll probably start using it more.

Sheen V said...

Thanks! I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Do you know how to similarly have another picture open when clicking on the first?

Noddy Blue said...

Yes. Send me an email (address is on my profile) and I'll send you an example of the code you need to change in your post to do what you want. It will be easier to explain that way, and as I said in these comments the html confuses blogger.

pornographicus said...

First of all...what a picture for your test! She's definitely a keeper!

Second, I really like when a blog has its pictures open up in a separate tab (or window depending upon one's browser settings). I have done that on my own blog since day one and I think the readers really appreciate it as it make it harder to not accidentally close the tab/window that the blog is in and lose one's place.

Finally, on trying to give an example of HTML in a regular posting area almost anywhere on the Internet, it will not work because one's browser will simply translate it as a command and perform the action (or, sometimes, ignore it) rather than show the code. Often what I will do is replace the "less than" and "greater than" symbols with brackets. Thus, an example of how to use target="_blank" would be presented like this:

{img src="http://www.example.url/porno.jpg" target="_blank"}

Again, I have replaced the usual symbols with brackets so everyone can see how the coding should appear.

There are many sites on the Internet that offer free and easy help on learning HTML. I went to one myself just to learn how to do an e-mail signature for my old WebTV account back in 1998. Now I get paid to build websites! Believe me, if I can learn HTML for free, anybody can!

Noddy Blue said...

That's good advice from Pornographicus. Now, no one will be paying me to design their website anytime soon, but I've learned enough HTML to get some things done, and I too learned it all for free. (Well, not counting a book I bought that is a reference to tags and commands, etc. So, mostly free!)

pornographicus said...

Considering how expensive printer ink is, a simple book like that is probably a great deal!

Noddy Blue said...

You're not kidding about printer ink; it's outrageous. The book I have is called HTML Programmer's Reference. I'm sure my copy is a bit outdated by now, but a book like that is pretty useful to have around.