Wednesday, November 11, 2009

she's got my vote

Erica Campbell

Over at Masterjerker there is currently a campaign to elect the next Regular Masturbation Girlfriend. Erica Campbell is clearly the superior candidate, although as of this writing it's a close race with Erica and Nella each carrying 27% of the vote.

Erica Campbell recently quit nude modeling because she now considers herself a Christian and it violated her newly found ethical standards. So please, cast your vote for Erica Campbell. Because God doesn't want you to masturbate, but if you're going to do it anyway, He at least wants you to do it to a nice, Christian girl.


Complicated Kitten said...

She is a cutie!!!

Noddy Blue said...

Yes she is, Kitten, and those big, natural boobs are just the way God created them (some of His best work, I might add). Vote for Erica!

Keith said...

Wow. She is incredibly hot. I could definitely jerk off to her.

fred said...

I'm going to masturbate to those pics of her taken before she became a born-again Christan girl.

Noddy Blue said...

Keith: Cast your vote for righteousness!

Keith & Fred: Cast your loads for righteousness!

Please note that if you are going to masturbate to Erica you must fantasize that you are married to her, otherwise it is adultery and a sin.