Thursday, March 25, 2010

a joke about a parrot

A lady passes a pet store on her way to work. She sees they have a parrot in a cage on the sidewalk outside the door. As she passes the bird's cage it says, [in a parrot voice, of course] "You're ugly, you're stupid." Well, the lady's taken aback by this, but she's in hurry so she goes on her way.

Next day, same thing happens. "You're ugly, you're stupid," the bird says to her. Now she's getting pretty angry about the whole thing. The third day, it happens again and she's so mad that she storms inside and lets the manager have it about the offending bird. He assures her that it won't happen again. The next day, she's walking past and she slows down as she passes the bird's cage.

The parrot looks at her and squawks, " know."

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