Tuesday, April 27, 2010

out of context

vulva #16

vulva #18

We interrupt this week's regularly scheduled out of context feature with the following important information:

It has come to our attention that, after a careful review by our panel of experts, the vulva numbered #16 & #18, as shown above, are, in fact, the same vulva. Vulva may sometimes be taken out of context in more than one situation, however, our ongoing efforts to identify all known vulva require each vulva to be numbered uniquely. Therefore, vulva #18 will be renumbered as #16 and #18 will be reassigned to another, unique, vulva.


Indi said...

Neatly trimmed and very tidy, but I could make it a gradual mess with some heat thrown in just in case... ya know..


the eternal list said...

i love the scientific method

Noddy Blue said...

Indeed. And we are renown, not only for our rigid standards of accuracy, but also for our rigorous methods of inquiry.