Friday, April 02, 2010

pin-up of the week

Taylor Vixen

we got clean white sheets in the morning,
conversation all afternoon


a little story said...

this is the same girl from march 2010 from the post "spring has sprung"!!! OMG she is so beautiful :)

Noddy Blue said...

You are correct. On both counts, that is. Same girl, and she is beautiful! We have collected three photos of her here so far; click the label "Taylor" to see them all. And that is all the information we have on her at this time, we don't even know if the name is correct. If you have more information or other pictures of her, please let us know. Thanks!

a little story said...

HI Noddy, she's a first time model of FTVGirls. I have seen her once while browsing the page It is hard to find her again though, as there are just simply too many of them lol. I hope you are luckier and would be able to find Taylor :)

a little story said...

and more pics of here here :)

Noddy Blue said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment again and thanks for the link. Lots of nice pictures there. And, of course, thanks for browsing our collection of nonsense in the first place.

So, thanks to your input our research into this topic has been advanced considerably and as a result we now know this lovely young lady's name. She is, in fact, Taylor Vixen, and she has, among other things, appeared in "Penthouse" magazine. As it turns out we have a couple of additional pictures of her here; unfortunately we had never connected that it was the same girl, although it seems obvious in retrospect. The labels will be updated so that theses images can be viewed collectively.

We thank you for your contribution and we certainly thank you for helping advance our important research. Stay tuned, I'm sure we'll be seeing much more of Ms. Vixen here in the near future.