Monday, October 21, 2013

farewell to a friend

Today we bid a fond farewell to friend and porn blogger extraordinaire, Pornographicus.

After many years of providing quality pornographic imagery on the internet, the Blog of Pornographicus is now closed.  As of October 20, 2013, it has ceased publication, and will be removed from the internet as of December 31, 2013.

While we are sorry to see him go, we wish him well in all future endeavors.  (For more information on the closing, please visit the Blog of Pornographicus.)  We will always have a great deal of respect for Pornographicus and the work he did on his ongoing blog.  He was not only a prolific blogger, regularly posting a variety of quality erotic images, but he always did it in an ethical, sex positive way.  Something the internet could use a bit more of, to be sure.  He has always been an advocate of internet security, in particular advocating for the porn viewer and his or her right to view pornography without the fear of compromising their computer security just for wanting to look at "dirty" pictures.

Pornographicus was also one of the first people to visit this blog, when I was first starting out five years ago.  I surely owe many of my early, and certainly current, readers to his promotion of my blog.  This blog is certainly not as popular as his had grown to be, but I certainly appreciate his support and  I know that he'll still be out there, somewhere, helping to keep the internet safe for masturbators everywhere.  And so we hope, that while we're here, doing what we do, carrying on in the mission to make the internet a nicer place, that he'll find the time to stop by on occasion.  Good luck and God bless, good sir.  We bid you farewell in the true sense of the word:  fare well.

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pornographicus said...

Aww, ain't he sweet. :-)

To keep me from writing a response even longer than Noddy Blue's post, I'll just say two things.

First, I am only leaving long-form blogging, not the Internet. I will still be posting porn pictures and links on Twitter where I can be found at @pornographicus (also linked to my name on this comment).

Second...I want to publicly thank Noddy Blue for providing what was the most popular post I made during my time on Tumblr. The picture I call "At the Mic" brought me a ton of attention there. Sadly, Tumblr removed the post for some reason but it can still be found here where I found it.

Noddy Blue said...

Thanks for pointing out your Twitter address; I added a link to it at the end of the post, both here and on tumblr. I've never really been a Twitter user, but I may just have to become one now.