Thursday, February 26, 2015



pornographicus said...

In case you are not aware yet, make sure you check your e-mail for a message from Blogger/Google or one that I sent to you. You're going to need some of that forgiveness in you as they are going to make your blog "private" on March 23rd. See some of my recent text posts on Ello for details.

Noddy Blue said...

Oh, yes sir, I am indeed already aware. This will be my last week of posts. I just haven't addressed it all yet. Sunday's religion quote will be the end. (Typically I schedule my posts out a week in advance and that's the last one scheduled.) I do not intend to delete everything; I will make it private. I don't yet know how all that works, but I will figure it out and let you know, so that you will be among those who can access the hidden archive if desired. It all sucks, I think, but you can't fight City Hall.

pornographicus said...

From what I understand, one will have to have a Google account in order to follow a "private" blog on Blogger. This should allow your 464 members through Google Friend Connect easy if not immediate access.

The thing I will be interested to see is if Blogger will change the RSS feed in any way as that is how I usually view all blogs that I follow. Unfortunately, that won't allow me in when I want to leave a comment as I no longer have a Google account.

Whatever happens on that front, I will still be following both of your blogs on Tumblr via least until Yahoo makes the same inevitable move. I was chatting with a fellow porn blogger on Ello earlier today. He had been there even before me and had amassed over 30,000 followers. Recently, they deleted his Tumblr with no warning and, to his knowledge, never having had any images removed for copyright violations or violating the mysterious "community guidelines."

Meanwhile, I got a personal message from one of Ello's big-wigs thanking me for my recent text post on this subject. As somebody who is doing not much else there but throwing out old hairy beaver pictures, I find that to be an impressive statement that I am not only welcome there now but will continue to be welcome in the future.

If it ever gets to that point on Tumblr too but you still want a public outlet where anybody of legal age can find what you're posting, you know where to find me. ;-)