Thursday, May 14, 2015


There was a fat, schlubby guy who was overweight and wanted to get into shape.  He heard about a place that offered "guaranteed results," so he signed up.  After paying the fee, he was told that someone would be at his house at 9:00 am the next morning to get him started on the weight loss program.

The doorbell rang at exactly 9:00 o'clock the next morning, and when he answered the door there stood the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  Perfectly fit athletic body, with long blond hair, and wearing yoga pants, sneakers, and a sports bra.  "Hi!" she said.  "I'm from Guaranteed Weight Loss.  If you can catch me, you can have me!"  And with that she took off running down the street.  This went on every day for about four weeks, him chasing her, never quite catching her, but there was no denying that the pounds were coming off.  Soon, she told him she thought he was ready for "Phase Two" of the program.  Someone would be at his door at 9:00 am the next morning.  When he answered the door the next morning, there stood a large muscular black guy, wearing shorts and a wife beater.  "If I can catch you," he said smiling, "I can have you."

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