Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Secret to a Great Relationship: Oral Sex

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

She's only 19, but High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens has some sage advice on love and relationships.

"It's all about fellatio," the actress tells Cosmo Girl! for its July/August issue. "You should let him finish in your mouth, and, of course, you should always swallow."

As for her own love life – she's dating HSM costar Zac Efron, 20 – it appears she's taken her own advice.

According to the magazine, the two share an easy and affectionate relationship. Upon seeing the couple together, the magazine interviewer observes, "When [Vanessa] sees Zac, she runs over and tongue kisses him, oblivious to anyone else in the room. She rubs his privates and he puts his hand on her crotch – these gestures say more than any statement she could make."

Hudgens and Efron, who were filming HSM 3 in Utah, where oral sex is currently illegal, have certainly shown they're not opposed to a little PDA, but she has had to keep her oral ministrations on the down low. Ironically, while their premarital relationship is frowned upon, and even considered sinful here, polygamy is acceptable in this conservative state.

But Hudgens, who delighted horny fans everywhere when nude photos of her appeared on the internet last year, urges teen girls to become more intimate with their boyfriends.

"If you want to keep a guy around, you're pretty much gonna have to blow him. So just do it." she says. "You won't regret it. He certainly won't. I think girls need to remember to put their boyfriends first."


the eternal list said...

if only...i wish

i'm assuming this is a fantasy, this isn't real, is it? sorry, i dropped out of college, it takes me a week to get things others get immediately

Noddy Blue said...

It is a work of fiction. Although I wrote it, I did use a real article as a starting point.

It's also a bit out of date; the article I borrowed from appeared when they were still filming HSM3. I tried to update it to make it seem like it was still current.

Before I started posting here, I never had anything to do with stuff like this. I'd write it, but couldn't show it to anyone. Here, it doesn't matter if it's offensive, and, anyway, I think it's funny.