Friday, June 05, 2009

pin-up of the week

Hope Marie Carlton

I used to have a "regular" blog, where I wrote about different stuff, and over time I found that I wanted to post pictures of some of my favorite women and things like that because I love pin-up art and nude photography so much. But I always tended to repress that side of myself because I didn't think it was appropriate for the venue, or because I didn't want to offend anybody. All that sort of thing. But since I've been here, I feel like things are bit more "anything goes." I don't want to get too carried away, like the preacher's daughter getting a first taste of the sins of the flesh, but I want to do what I want.

I'd also like to add maybe a little structure, and a regular feature works well for that. I'll try to feature some of my favorite women, and pin-ups from my personal collection, and I think we'll do it on Fridays. It can be something to look forward to.

So our first featured pin-up is former playmate Hope Marie Carlton (July 1985). Oh how we have loved her. Anyway, besides her turn as a playmate, she appeared (sans clothing) in several films back then, most notably in the films of Andy Sidaris. If you've never seen Hard Ticket to Hawaii, I really recommend it. She's in that, Savage Beach and couple others. Look her up. I'm too lazy to do it for you right now. But it's great stuff. Highly entertaining. And Hard Ticket even made a recent list of Esquire's "Best Gratuitous Death Scenes."

As if you need another reason besides Ms. Carlton to watch that stuff.


Anonymous said...

How ironic. I too used to maintain a "regular" website -- kind of a pseudo-blog, I guess. I still have it and want to do something with it again someday but having the freedom to be a "porn blogger" is much more compelling.

Also...Ms. Carlton is definitely one of the better mid-1980's Playmates. Your taste, good sir, is impeccable.

Noddy Blue said...

Yes, it's funny.

For a while I knew, or got to know, a handful of people who were all blogging, leaving each other comments, etc. That whole blogging scene. And it was entertaining, but eventually everyone, including myself, seemed to lose interest in it. And so much of it was just stupid anyway. Besides, as I said, I always felt like I was repressing a lot of what I wanted to actually talk about.

I started this and let it sit idle for a long time, but when I started writing here recently I was surprised at how many visitors it started to get. I don't have that much time to devote to this right now, but I do plan to continue this with some regularity. Some of it may be stupid along the way, but hopefully it will develop into something better over time. And meanwhile I can write about whatever I want. Because I'm tired of not being able to talk about sex much, because I think about sex and women constantly.

And Ms. Carlton, besides being a personal favorite, is great example of "playmates who went on to take off their clothes in b-movies." We could use more playmates like that these days, I think.

Thanks for stopping by.