Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the weekly vulva

vulva #3

See the Owner [Here]
Bonus Pic [1]

This week's vulva comes from a lovely set of photos we came across during one of our aimless searches. The entire set can be seen at the Blog Squad.

Our featured photos come from a set that was, in my opinion, staged. Staged to look like some guy took these of his girlfriend, when in fact she was simply paid to model for the shoot. Indeed, it is a girlfriend experience; the girl has the look of a girl next door. She could certainly be my girlfriend. Because let me tell you, boys and girls, this one does it for your old Uncle Noddy.

I love everything about these pictures. I love the girl, I love the glasses, I love the window unit air conditioner. And of course I love the vulva. I love the vulva, and that we get to see her anus.

Because I like a girl's anus, too.


the eternal list said...

guess her vulva, the next evolution...

Noddy Blue said...

You got that right; of course, it was only a matter time, but "guess her vulva" won't work.

Although I readily admit to having drawn inspiration from "Guess Her Muff," this is really an opposite approach, in that we view the vulva first.

"Guess the Owner" just doesn't seem to be much of a name, though. So I'm open to suggestions.

Sheen V said...

She certainly is gorgeous!