Sunday, November 08, 2009

Examen of Consciousness

1. Recall that you are God's presence
"Lord, I believe that I am in your presence
and you are loving me."

2. Look at the day with gratitude

"Lord, as I look at the gifts of this day
I pause and give thanks to you,
who have given them all to me."

3. Ask for light from the Holy Spirit

"Lord, help me to understand the mystery of
my heart and to know my own limits.
Help me to see how I have responded
to your many gifts."

4. Review your day
"Lord, help me to see the faces of the
people I have met, the places I have been,
and the things I have thought, spoken, and

5. Pray words of forgiveness and resolve

"Lord, where I have seen you present,
I give thanks and where I have resisted
seeing you, I ask your forgiveness. Lord, I
resolve, with your grace, to seek you and
see you at all times."

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