Friday, November 06, 2009

pin-up of the week


I'm taking a pretty lazy approach to this week's pin-up post. This is a "scheduled" post since I'll be out tonight and won't be around to post something later. Nevertheless, last week, when I was posting Halloween themed items, I happened across this girl during a visit to Domai, and, well, she really got my attention. I have to say I love the red hair and that fiery bush, but if you ask me I'd bet that she's crazy as Hell. Well, all women are crazy, of course, each in their own unique way, but this one's just got a look in her eyes that says, "You so much as even look at another woman and I'll cut your fucking dick off."

Take my advice. Stay away from this one, boys.


Keith said...

She does look like she would be one crazy chick. She's hot though. I love that bush. Very sexy.

Noddy Blue said...

You got that right. See, that's how the trouble starts. You think, "Man, look at that girl. She's hot. I sure would like to get me some of that fiery bush." Next thing you know, you've got a detachable penis.

Be careful.