Monday, June 01, 2009

After Midnight...


It's after midnight and that means it's officially Monday out. Welcome to the working week.

Get busy.

Let us begin the week by contemplating the external genitalia, or vulva, of the human female. What it is about the vulva that is so compelling?

First of all, the vagina is only one part of the female genitalia. The vagina is internal, a muscular organ designed to receive the male's penis during sexual intercourse, and to allow passage of offspring during the birthing process. The external female genitalia, which includes the labia and clitoris, are collectively called vulva.

Although there are many slang terms for the female genitalia, it is frequently known as pussy.
To see the owner of the vulva pictured above, click here.


pornographicus said...

Whatever you want to call it -- and I usually go with "beaver" first myself -- that's one hell of a photograph! An excellent choice to illustrate an excellent subject!

the eternal list said...

the vagina is for babies, the vulva is for playtime

Noddy Blue said...

"A twat by any other name would still smell like fish."

I also like "clam," by the way.

I added a link to the photo from which I cropped the vulva. Sort of Guess Her Muff in reverse, I suppose.